Panda Pantry

A ministry to feed students who may have food insecurity in their homes. We collect food to be distributed at schools for students to take home on the weekends. The Board of Outreach is continuously collecting food in the narthex of the church. Below is a list of foods used by the Panda Pantry if you would like to donate.

  • Fruit bars 
  • Granola bars
  • Small boxes of cereal
  • Packages of oatmeal
  • Chef Boyardee cups
  • Macaroni cups
  • Nissin Noodle cups
  • Fruit pouches 
  • PeanutButter crackers
  • Fruit cups
  • Small packages of cookies
  • Small packages of cheese-its
  • Small cups of pudding or jello

Student Station

Beginning in August 2020, Student Station was created to provide a place for local students to do virtual learning during the COVID pandemic while their parents went to work. We transitioned to a summer camp structure in the summer of 2021 to continue providing families an affordable care option. Each summer for the foreseeable future, Student Station Summer Session will be in business for the summer.

If you are interested in registering a child for Student Station Summer Session, please email DCE Laura Ross at dce@redeemerfxbg.org.


Our quilters meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month to make quilts to donate to the Lutheran World Relief, who then send our quilts as well other resources around the world to those in need. 

If you are interesting in joining, contact Anna Jennings at anmajen65@gmail.com or at 540-412-5373.

Outreach Opportunity of the Month

Nearly every month, the Board of Outreach selects an organization, ministry, or activity to support in some fashion. Be on the look out for this month's opportunity to donate your time, talents, or treasures to help the local community.

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